Graphic Arts Exhibition | Serge Avakian | Dec. 18-25 | Tehran

Iranian-Armenian Designer Serge Avakian's Exhibition in TehranYesterday it was the opening ceremony of Iranian-Armenian Graphic artist Serge Avakian’s Exhibition.

Serge Avakian is the designer of some well known Logos & Arts such as POFAK NAMAKI, SANGARKAR & SARAVEL. Continue reading


Armenian Genocide – 98 – Tehran

Armenian Genocide 98 - Tehran

Every year Armenians of all over the world, gathered in their communities, to honor the memory of 1915’s Armenian Genocide victims.

It’s the same for Armenians of Iran…!! Continue reading

Commemorating The Ones

Every year we gather here, in Tehran-Armenins’ old cemetery, to commemorate the lives of Ones who have passed away and celebrate what they meant to us. The Ones who created and tried to maintain the Iran-Armenian Community… Continue reading


GLENDALE—All religious denominations, political parties and relief organizations in the Western United States have come together to form a joint committee to assist the Armenian community of Syria. On Thursday, the group issued a call to support the efforts, the text of which is presented below:

During the past weeks, the 17-month conflict in Syria has escalated to dangerous proportions. Caught in the crossfire of this growing conflict are the innocent citizens of Syria, among them the large Armenian community. Continue reading